The health foodie luxe list

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From coconut flour to birch water – and a few health-packing goodies in between – we serve up the best healthy products that will pack a nutritional punch this spring

First there was coconut water, now one of the latest health drink crazes to hit our shores is birch water, a drink harvested from wild birch trees by “tapping” the trunks during spring thaw. Birch sap is packed with electrolytes, which are said to boost hydration. Ocado

sibberi birch water best healthy products

A green smoothie mix packed with vitamin A – a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin A is essential to boosting your immune system and maintaining healthy skin. It’s even said to naturally slow down the ageing process. Waitrose

waitrose smoothie mix best healthy products

Rich in dietary fibre and protein, and gluten-free, coconut flour provides a good dose of healthy, beneficial fats in your diet. Waitrose

sukrin coconut flour best healthy products

The only chia seed drink available, with substantially more fibre, minerals, vitamins and protein and less sugar than any other juice. A powerful combination with a whole host of nutritional benefits. Planet Organic

wow chia best healthy products

Every pouch of organic acai powder is bursting with vitamin A, iron and more calcium and potassium than spinach – all the natural goodness for healthy teeth, vision, digestion and immune system. Naturya

naturya acai powder best healthy products

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