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From luxury British marble to statement wallpaper, Jo Denbury looks at what’s hot in the world of interiors this month 

Hand-knotted in a mix of silk and wool this ‘Jewel’ Rug comes in a 180cm x 250cm size or can be made to bespoke requirements. Each rug has a unique colour and pattern. By Margo Selby, £4,365.

If you buy one decorative piece for your home, make it a Su Blackwell sculpture. She deconstructs old books and transforms them into art. Below is Wild Flowers No 10; other works include fairy-tale castles and miniature buildings. From £4,000 by commission

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Hand-crocheted in the UK by artisan craft-persons using Naomi Pauls unique mercerised cotton, this shade will give an effervescent glow that’s ideal for dining tables. The V2 Glück from £1,045.


Few luxuries are greater than taking pride in using British limestone and marble. Its colour spectrum naturally suits the light in our homes. The Ledmore grey marble is one of only two mainland Britain marbles. The large white veining caused by calcium compounds that gives it such a unique form comes from deposits laid down 600 million years ago. Amazing. Britannicus Stone from £240 sq m (plus VAT).
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The Glasgow-based designers, Timorous Beasties, are never ones to fall shy of a statement. This wallpaper and fabric won’t fail to cause a stir, although they are probably best not used together, but you never know. ‘Ex Libris’ wallpaper, £210 per roll; ‘Omni Splatt’ fabric, £120 per metre.



Jo Denbury is a freelance interiors writer. She was formerly associate editor of Telegraph Magazine, features director at Elle Decoration and was the founder of Coast magazine


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