The many reasons to get an allotment

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Allotments offer so much more than a space to grow fruit and vegetables with a few unique flowers. The small patches of land offer a hobby, a place to relax, an educational time-lapse and a community get-together.

For those living in a city flat with little more outdoor space than a window box, growing fruit and vegetables can seem like an activity only suitable for those with a garden. And then, even those with their own garden may not have enough space or sunlight to get a good crop. Time, then, to consider an allotment, with their small but perfectly rectangular shape and heroic scope to grow food and flowers alike.

unique flowersThe National Allotment Society

These small plots of land provide a place to escape and bring colour to the chaos of grey city life. When your life is filled with nothing but work or worry, an allotment can be your relaxation zone and give you more satisfaction in life. Growing and experimenting with various flowers, fruit and vegetables is a hobby shared by many, not least for its calming and rewarding potential. It’s also a great pastime for kids to get involved with, teaching them how to grow and harvest their own food whilst helping them to understand where their food comes from. You may even find the challenge of getting your children to eat healthily is made a lot easier as they watch seeds magically transform into their dinner.

Not only do allotments offer personal benefits for you and your family, but they also work to bring communities closer together. Get chatting to your plot-neighbours and exchange tips, or get involved in a local giant vegetable contest for a bit of healthy competition. Allotments provide a place to socialise with new like-minded people; an opportunity you (probably) wouldn’t get in your own garden.

Whatever your motivation for signing up for an allotment, here’s what to sow this Autumn.

Wild Flowers

Whilst growing fruit and vegetables gives you plenty of flavour, the plants can lack in colour. Adding a few patches of wild flowers, sown in September, can spruce up the plot with splashes of colour come next spring.

unique flowers

Waitrose Garden
Cornfield Seed Collection
£3.19 >

Fruit and Vegetables

Planting strawberry runners now from parent plants will ensure a good crop of strawberries next summer, ideal for fruit salads on warm days, and more rewarding then buying a punnet from the supermarket. Radishes are very quick to crop and great for spicing up salads, whilst spinach is a good crop to sow now for delicious and healthy leaves that will be produced all year round.

Waitrose Garden
Strawberry ‘Albion’
£14.99 >

Waitrose Garden
Radish ‘Mixed’
£1.19 >


Waitrose Garden
Spinach ‘Reddy’ F1
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With this week being National Allotments Week, a National Allotment Society initiative, allotment groups across the UK will open their gates and host competitions, exhibitions, barbeques, allotment tours, and plant and produce sales. By getting involved, you’ll help their mission to provide, promote and preserve allotments. Learn more at The National Allotment Society.

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