The most luxurious Victorian style metal baths

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I have a weird weakness for classic interiors that have an air of the old-fashioned about them. I’m talking about the kind of touches that you’d notice when you stayed with your grandparents: sheets instead of duvets, clotheshorses and chintz curtains. In short, I’m anti-minimalist.

My other passion when it comes to interiors is baths; so much so that when I recently moved house I cited a bath as one of my non-negotiables. I’m a fierce believer in baths being able to solve all but a few of life’s problems and am therefore of the opinion that homeowners should place a lot of attention on their Bathrooms.  Put these two together and at the top of the wish list is a Victorian style metal bath…and it seems I’m not the only one.

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Catchpole & Rye
The Copper Bateau
£4,500 >

When it comes to traditional interiors, the simplest items are often the best. Enter the classic Copper Bateau; hand beaten and polished before sealing so that each one is unique. A gloss or matt lacquer seal stops it being too ‘old’ and, unlike for those bathing in front of fires, the exterior of this bath can be painted to coordinate with the rest of your interiors. A copper bath lends a warming touch to an old house or an antiquated twist to a modern build. Put this in a Bathroom that is already home to lots of textures and warm paint colours to avoid it looking too cold.

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The Morar
£2,925 >

You can of course go a little bolder with shapes and styles. The Morar is a re-worked slipper bath; it’s high, symmetric sides and larger base lend it a slight contemporary edge and again can be supplied raw, painted, polished or just primed. This would work wonderfully with wooden flooring, chrome fittings and bright colours where possible.

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West One Bathrooms
Acanthus Empire
£4,000 >

If the simple slipper or boat style is too simple then something with a more decorative base but that still has the traditional shape, could be more suitable. The Acanthus Empire is made from the toughest cast iron, so this bath will last an absolute lifetime. The exterior surface cannot burn, bleach, scratch or fade and can be finished in polished cast iron or painted in a colour of your choice. So really, this tub could not be easier to place…and the decorated leaf feet make for just the right amount of elegance.

classic interiors classic interiors

The Brass Usk
£6,950 >

As with lots of furniture, there isn’t really a limit to how grand you can go and Drummond’s ‘Usk’ in a brass finish is perhaps the grandest option there is (apart from Catchpole’s diamond encrusted bathtub). Warming polished brass with a white interior makes for an extremely smart juxtaposition; the traditional roll top shape against the relatively quirky gold finish makes for a truly eye-catching Bathroom. If the polished brass is that bit too shiny, opt for the burnished finish which gives the exterior a metallic, marble effect of naturally aged metal.

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