The Pampered Pooch

Posted on by Lizzie Watson

Such is our love for fur-babies, that the need for pooch-pampering has never been so great. We just can't get enough of the lovable qualities these four-legged friends bring to our lives, and it's not hard to see why.

There are very few families I know who are without a certain furry creature who races to greet them when they arrive home from work, tail wagging. My own dog greets me in the morning, toy in his mouth, and circles me again and again as though I've been gone for days! Their faithful optimism is unfaltering. 
I grew up with a family dog, as have my children, and not a day goes by when I don't value my dogs role in our family home (except for when we go for a walk and he finds the muddiest bit of water to lie in and he ends up looking more like a black labrador than a springer spaniel). 

Pampering your pooch can involve various means; the comfiest bed; the most elaborate collar; a made-to-measure coat of the finest fabrics; a bath of Ylang Ylang and peppermint; even afternoon tea at the Egerton House Hotel. Set the bar high with our wonderful Mutts & Hounds collection.