The Perfect White T Shirt that's at the centre of a goal to achieve sustainable, eco-friendly clothing.

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

The White T Shirt Co produces stylish t shirts that are extremely conscious of their environmental impact. Sharing the goal of the company in Denmark, Green Cotton, The White T Shirt Co has sought to produce items of clothing with sustainability in mind. Perhaps most significant of all, is the brand's use of organic cotton. 

The benefits of utilising organic cotton are profound. Statistics that highlight how conventional cotton accounts for nearly 25% of the insecticides and 10% of pesticides throughout the world, reinforce the need to support this far more environmentally friendly process of making clothing.  In purchasing an item from the White T Shirt Co, you are contributing in doing just that.    


We speak to The White T Shirt Co in more detail about how this brand completely embodies a sustainable and eco-friendly approach in everything they do. 

How does your business contribute to green living and eco-friendly practices, and how important is this to you?

When we started we set ourselves the challenge of trying to proceed the ‘perfect’ white t-shirt. To use this meant that how our t-shirts are made are equally as important as design. So we work to the Global Organic Textile Standard which means that all our t-shirts are GOTS certified. This means we have third part verification of responsible environmental standards from picking the cotton to posting our orders out. But actually to us Green Living is also very much about sustainability, so it’s not just about how our t-shirts but guaranteeing quality and durability. This means that we promise your t-shirt will be with you a long time and not contributing to land fill after just a few wears.

What do you do every day to be earth-friendly? 

Within our business and personal lives we’re slowly moving towards zero plastic. So for example we don’t use any any plastic in our packaging, it is all bio-degradable. Plastic drinks bottles are certainly banned..we love the Aluminium bottles Beyond Bespoke have just launched! It’s little thing such as using our own take-away coffee cups and moving to corn starch waste bags that make the difference. It’s all easy stuff, it’s just getting into the groove of making them everyday!

Tell us about your responsible production processes that look after the environment.

Part of being GOTS certified is that our production process is monitored from germination to post box. So for example all our cotton is hand picked, we use non-metallic dyes and we use Hydrogen Peroxide to whiten our cotton rather than bleach as this can be totally neutralised after use. The Danish Company we partner with operates to ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) standards and all our materials are are GOTS, Oeko-Tex 100 and EU eco label approved.

Tell us about any bigger initiatives you are involved with that help to give back to other communities or the environment. 

From an environmental stance we’re just in the process of gaining local ‘plastic free’ accreditation as part of a local business project and we also work closely with our local University with lectures about sustainable and slow fashion. We are not linked to one particular charity, however, we do set aside a budget to donate garments and donations to local charities as we feel working close to home is important. Having said that we have helped organise a fund raising event called Saturday For Syria, which was to raise funds for the people of Syria who have been forced from their homes. 

We're committed to a responsible production process that looks after the environment and the people who make our organic cotton t-shirts. 

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Written by Abbie Coombes.

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