The ultimate prescription to stay happy and healthy

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With the festive season rapidly approaching it’s easy to get weighed down by both the stress of preparing food for a large number of people and the expense of buying gifts, as well as worry over eating and drinking far too much of the wrong things.

We decided to go to an expert and ask how to get through party season without feeling like you need to detox in January, and what are great diet rules of thumb to take on now and follow throughout the year.

in a world where one moment we’re told to eat no carbs and the next we’re advised to eat clean where to start?

Top nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik is known for her no nonsense approach to food, telling her clients in London not to avoid certain food groups or go on faddy diets or detoxes and instead to work towards an authentic life-long positive attitude of eating well. But in a world where one moment we’re told to eat no carbs and the next we’re advised to eat clean where to start?

Eve tells Lumity: “ACE your skin vitamins A, C & E! A is one of the most widely recognised nutrients for skin health, retinol being one of the most renowned ‘anti-ageing’ form of this vitamin that helps to slow down the breakdown of collagen, keeping skin looking younger. Find this in its beta-carotene form in sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, peppers or in its preformed form in foods such as meat (liver being the highest), butter and eggs. C is essential for building structural protein collagen which is crucial for stability and plumpness of the skin. Its very sensitive to heat though so having raw is best. Greens veggies are a great source and the brassicas such as broccoli, cauliflower are excellent at helping support hormone metabolism as well (another reason for ageing of the skin). E helps prevent premature ageing and cell damage since its a powerful antioxidant and one that we need to take in through the diet, sources including all nuts and seeds pretty much so whichever ones flick your switch add plenty to your diet.

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“FERMENTED FOODS – can be super boosting when it comes to skin health. Not just because they help promote a healthy gut bacteria which is essential to aiming for a more youthful looking skin but foods such as cabbage when its fermented into sauerkraut also contain sulfur which is a mineral that is found mostly concentrated in hair, skin and nails that supports collagen production and less premature ageing. Stress and gut inflammation can affect and impair integrity and protective function of the epidermal barrier so adding lots of gut friendly foods to our routine is very important. Things like coconut oil, herbs & spices, garlic will all help. Kefir is a brilliant probiotic that you can make at home.

“ESSENTIAL OMEGA’S – healthy oils are called essential fatty acids for a reason and since they are necessary for every cell membrane in the body they also play a hugely significant role in skin health. They help keep cells fluid, flexible and supple and protect from damaging ageing environmental factors. Opt for more of the Omega 3’s since we are more generally lacking in these and are the most anti-inflammatory. You can find these in their highest amounts in oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines as well as grass fed organic meat and in plant based chia and flax seeds. Omega 9’s found in cashews, macadamia nuts, olives, avocados are also important as they help to regulate blood sugar levels and support balancing of hormones such as insulin that can have knock on effects for the skin.

“LESS SUGAR MORE WATER avoid sugar or any other white refined product as this forms a process called glycation that can prematurely age the skin and leave it more susceptible to environmental damage. Water is imperative. Think of a plant that you don’t water it becomes wrinkled and shrivelled up so if you want springy glowing skin then up the H20. Make it more interesting by adding lime juice and pinch of cayenne.”

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Another tip which we have been told is to give yourself one day during the festive season to eat what you want, whether that’s an entire tin of chocolates, or piles of mince pies, but get back into healthy eating the day after. A lot of veggies which often get thrown away after festive lunches, (like pumpkin) are perfect to make into superfood soups, which fill you up and are a great way to ensure you get a decent dose of nutrients.

Above all, remember to take me time for yourself during the next month: If a day at the shops or with the kids exhausts you, then treat yourself to a lovely aromatherapy bath with scented candles, or take ten minutes out of your morning to do some yoga or to meditate. If your loved ones are driving you crazy here’s a great way to feel happier within one minute. There’s no need to put yourself under pressure to be perfect, try and practice mindfulness where you can  – have fun and enjoy some stress-free down time the Scandinavian way.

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