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Simple, cool and eco-friendly, the beautiful living boxes from Bert & May are ideal for people who want more space to live, work and play

Created in collaboration with London architects Box9, the Big Box from Bert & May, which was showcased recently at Decorex, is redefining the prefab as never before. The ultimate luxury turn-key solution for anyone wishing to increase their living space, the box is driven by considered design. It has two bedrooms, a bathroom and an open-plan Bert & May brass kitchen with dining space, and incorporates Bert & May’s iconic reclaimed materials.

Best of British

Bert’s Boxes are carefully designed to ensure that storage and heating solutions are seamlessly incorporated, whilst doors and windows have been specially selected to allow for maximum light and air flow through the box. A green roof planted with wild flowers retains warmth in the winter and keeps the box cool in the summer – it also has the added benefit of being eco-friendly and encouraging biodiversity. Bert & May’s own weathered barn oak clads the exterior and interior walls, which complements the black and white handmade Alalpardo tiles that run throughout the living areas. The bedroom is finished with reclaimed timber floor, allowing for full heat transfer from the underfloor heating. Optional extras include a solar thermal and air source heat pump, as well as edible exterior garden walls.

Best of British

Bert & May have collaborated with some of the industry’s most talented and respected architects, including Box9 and Red Deer, as well as companies renowned for the quality of their products including Robert Taussig, Met Therm, Watermark, The Water Monopoly, Jan Hendzel, Urban Cottage industries, Myson and Howe London..

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