‘This is almost certainly the most gorgeous wedding invitation I have produced’

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You are planning a beautiful wedding in the South of France, and need to set the tone for your guests with the most beautiful wedding invitation. This is where bespoke stationers Armorial step in, where only perfection will do, says Business Development Director, Chris Pollard

What was the project?
Working with top wedding and event planners, 4 the People, the project was to design and produce a beautiful invitation for Veronica and Greg’s luxury wedding in the South of France.

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What was involved?
Initial consultations were held to discuss concepts based on the success of the Save the Date cards. Various options were considered including the use of specialist materials and heritage print processes. Quotes were generated for four design/production options/sizes and material samples presented. The preferred specification was confirmed and design began.

luxury stationery

The concept included metallic and pearlescent materials. Adding to its impact, the finished size of the job was larger than most wedding invites at 210x210mm. Wording was engraved in gold and a stunning laser-cut leafy design was a particular feature of the invitation. We produced 140, with matching envelopes. These were closed with a wax seal detailing the ‘VG’ monogram. We also needed to further enclose the invites in an outer protective envelope so they arrived in perfect condition.

luxury stationery

Any challenges along the way?
Yes, two in particular. Part of the brief for this project was to include a metal/gold olive branch ornament. Finding the right product was tricky indeed and given our tight deadline, sampling products added pressure to our deadline. Finally, we found and sourced the perfect piece and once in position, they looked fantastic. Phew!

Secondly, the registration and lining up of the V and G engraved initials with the laser cut design was always going to be a challenge – there is often some ‘movement’ with both processes. Knowing this may be a potential issue from day one, comprehensive planning and communication between the studio and shop floor teams was vital. This allowed the finest ‘tweaks’ to be made as production started to eradicate any mis-register. This kind of foresight and acute attention to detail is what really makes a job incredible.

luxury stationery

What are you most pleased with?
I have to say that this is almost certainly the most gorgeous wedding invitation I have produced. A beautiful mix of old and new technology aligned perfectly to result in a stunning invitation. This has clearly set the tone for an amazing wedding for Veronica and Greg. Without doubt, the reaction to the invitations we have created is incredibly satisfying.

What next?
We have further stationery to discuss with 4 the People and their clients. We have a duty to our clients to provide total peace of mind. Our passion, knowledge and experience are, I believe, the absolute best. We thrive on producing beautiful, luxury printing and love working with clients to design and produce incredible work. If it’s an invitation like Veronica and Greg’s, we aim to make them as ‘in-declinable’ as possible.

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