Three of our favourite summer cocktails

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

It's summertime and the shaking is easy. We take a look at three of our favourite simple to make, summer cocktails, with some sophisticated fizz and sparkling wine by Digby Fine English thrown in the mix. Each would look fabulous in the rather colourful Gurasu Crystal Birds of Paradise Cocktail Glasses. Plastic umbrellas are optional!  

Whether you're cheering on England, or backing the remaining Brits at Wimbledon, a fruity summer cocktail is sure to help calm those pre match nerves. Also, with the weather as it is, a trip to the beach for a BBQ, or a garden dinner party with friends, will be made even better with a glass of a refreshing cocktail in hand. From a gin fizz, to a ginger and jasmine rosé concoction, we've gathered some delicious cocktail recipes that are sure to cause a stir; and in a good way.

A Rhubarb & Gin Fizz

This is a cocktail recipe that has been refined and perfected by the founders of Digby Fine English, and each ingredient can be purchased within a rather marvellous Digby Rhubarb Chill Cocktail Set.   

The set consists of some rather tasty Chilgrove gin, and compliments Digby's flagship fizz extremely well. Add a touch of Blossoms Rhubarb syrup in the mix and hey presto- you've found your new favourite cocktail. It's the ultimate trio and no fancy cocktail shaking is needed, but if you do fancy yourself as a bit of a pro with the shaker, then who's to stop you!

The sweet and sour taste of the rhubarb make this the perfect thirst-quenching summer cocktail, and is one that you can get ready in advance for those big family get togethers. 


Digby Fine English Vintage Brut 
Chillgrove Dry Gin 
Blossoms Rhubarb Syrup 


Digby Fine English 

Digby Rhubarb Chill Cocktail Set 
£75 >

Ginger & Jasmine Rosé Cocktail

With this cocktail you get the best of both worlds; the sweet taste of alcohol whilst staying hydrated. The cocktail is a fresh mix of lemon, ginger, Jasmine tea and some sparkling, fruity rosé. It's perfect for sitting by the fire pit in the garden as the sun sets. The vibrant yellow colour makes this cocktail the perfect way to brighten up those outside dining tables, and without a doubt, the evening in general!

The Digby Fine English 2009 Vintage Rosé Brut Magnum is the ultimate, sophisticated summer fizz. Its blend of strawberries, fresh roses, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, sourced from Digby's partner vineyards in the South East of England, make this rosé the perfect accompaniment to this already fruity cocktail. 


Simple syrup 
Slices of fresh ginger
Steeped Jasmine tea
Fresh lemon juice 
Digby Fine English 2009 Vintage Rosé Brut Magnum 


Digby Fine English

Digby Fine English 2009 Vintage Rosé Brut Magnum
£109.99 >

Cucumber Mint Sparkler

As cool as a sparkler! This vodka, syrup and champagne mix is  great for cooling off in the garden after a long day, or the perfect way to stay hydrated whilst having a gossip with the neighbours and friends. 

We love this 2010 Vintage Brut by Digby Fine English, for its blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes which have been harvested at a English Vineyard, give it its rich and full body. The drinker will experience undertones of lemon magnolia and lightly poached apples, giving it a slight fruity kick. This, accompanied with the classic cucumber and mint combination, you simply, can not go wrong! 


Mint simple syrup
Digby Fine English Flagship Vintage Reserve Brut 

Put everything into the cocktail shaker (impress guests with shaking skills), pour into a glass and top it off with an adequate dash of Digby's Vintage Brut; you've got yourself a winner!


Digby Fine English
Digby Fine English Flagship Vintage Reserve Brut 
£39.99 >

Each of these delicious summer cocktails will look even more irresistible in Gurasu Crystal Birds of Paradise Cocktail Glasses...

Written by Abbie Coombes.
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