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Thinking about our ancestors isn't something we tend to spend a lot of time doing in this day and age. British lifestyle and living are about a multitude of things today compared to the simpler days our ancestors lived, yet health and self-care is something many of us take less time over - our ancestors would question this above all else if they came to live in our modern world.

Ancient + Brave are passionate about creating nutritionally rich, next-generation products. Founders Annelie and Kate have combined their rich skillset (naturopath, herbalist, author, chocolate alchemist, former stuntwoman, blender, taster, entrepreneur and former media lawyer) to fuel their passion for creating a brand that supports a cutting-edge lifestyle model. 

Ancient + Brave’s line of products is supported by the Brave Method, utilising Annelie’s specialist knowledge and medicinal passion for intermittent fasting and natural health. They are blending both ancestral living with cutting-edge science, and ancient and new ingredients from across the globe, that combine health benefits with superior taste and depth of flavour, like cacao and coffee.  

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Listening to and understanding our bodies is something we seem to have forgotten and are remembering again. 

What Ancient + Brave recommend you do to re-wild you life:

Walk barefoot.

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Simply by taking your shoes off and walking upon our earth, you can significantly de-stress, regulate emotions and balance the nervous system. 

* Walk barefoot for at least 30 minutes every day; this connection to the earth through the bare soles of our feet restores our electron reserves which helps to minimise the effects of exposure to electromagnetic stress and reduces excess cortisol. 


A 2007 study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine demonstrated that connecting the human body to the earth during sleep (earthing) normalises the daily cortisol rhythm and improves sleep patterns.

This is due to the effects that stress hormones have on your natural circadian rhythm and your ability to sleep more deeply. Researchers also found that walking barefoot can actually decrease white blood cell count and increase red blood cell count, indicating a positive immune response. 


Get your body in line with the natural rhythms of the earth.

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Exposing ourselves to the earth's natural patterns of light and darkness is hugely important for a balanced circadian rhythm. 

* To improve sleep and hormone function, get a dose of natural light for at least 20 minutes within the hour of waking.

 * If you must stay inside for most of the day, sitting next to, or being next to a window will help keep you on a natural cycle.

* It is especially important to try and get some natural sunlight after you eat lunch, so the serotonin from any carbohydrate you might consume does not covert from serotonin into melatonin and make you sleepy.

* Try to dim your lights at least 30 minutes before going to sleep and make your bedroom as technology free as possible. To prevent any suppression of your sleep hormone melatonin, choose low wattage (under 40 watts) red-coloured light bulbs for your bedroom.

Allow your body to get cold.

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Our ancestors endured crippling cold without the benefits of modern technology.
Periodic bouts of cold can have a positive effect on mood, stress levels and our immune, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems - top-level athletes take ice-baths as part of their complex training programmes. Medical research has shown a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol whilst being immersed in cold water and an increase in our feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin. 

* To adapt to ice cold temperatures, try gradually decreasing the temperature of your shower little-by-little. This may be challenging, but the health benefits are endless.   

* Take a dip in a cold lake or river, or, if this isn't an option, add a cold shower or bath to your morning/evening bathing routine. In no time at all, you’ll find your body adapts and you are at an ice-cold water temperature you’d never have thought yourself able to sustain.

Intermittent fasting. 

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Part of the Brave Method is to 'disengage with the marketing formula to eat at least three large meals per day and snacks between. It’s not just okay to fast, it’s actually highly beneficial to your health, longevity, mental acuity and physical performance.' 

Eating continuously throughout the day doesn’t allow your body the time to clean out and regenerate, or for your insulin levels to reset. The easiest and safest way to reset both insulin and glucose and to lose unwanted body fat is to release all of our stored glucose through the use of regular intermittent fasts, just as our ancestors did.
Fasting is something we do each night while we sleep, and the Brave Method's simple lifestyle strategy can improve your overall health through a balanced use of 14 to 16 hour fasting windows, three to seven days a week, and most easily achieved by fasting through the night. 

The Ancient + Brave blends are designed to help you during your fasting window.

* Take the Coffee + Collagen or Cacao + Collagen, blended with the healthy fats in their True MCT in the morning.
The potent synergistic combination of coffee or cacao and adaptogenic herbs, alongside the key amino acids found in their True Collagen, redefines fasting by preventing an unhealthy stress response, assists in fat burning, reduces inflammation and keeps you satiated whilst delivering optimal nutrition.

Living more naturally will ultimately benefit your health, and the Ancient + Brave blends are the perfect way to assist you in this. 

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