Posted on by Hayley Peters

The imminent arrival of autumn brings excitement for a new season of fashion, but  it also introduces us to an unpredictable weather system. Will it rain? Do I need to wear a jacket? Should I take an umbrella with me just in case...? We often ponder such questions whilst staring at an overcast sky, filled with threatening, grey clouds. However, there's one thing that is for certain- our desire to fill our wardrobes with clothes that will lift our spirits on a rainy day. The summer may soon be over, but we can still bring the sunshine with us in the clothes we wear. After all, a fabulous outfit makes us feel confident and ready to conquer the day ahead. These vibrant knits in a rainbow of shades are guaranteed to help you radiate positivity and stand out from the neutral tones often found in autumn. 








Image Credits: Model Images and product images- Whistles