Winter Woodland Walks with the Children

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

'We're all going to go on a bear hunt' The things we say just to get the kids to put on their wellies and drop the ipad for twenty minutes. Even when we do eventually get them outside, the encore of mumbles and groans is sometimes just too much to bear, that we do just give in. Although the cold weather can be off putting, with a little creativity from the parents and perhaps, a Burberry hat or scarf for the children, the little ones will have no excuse not to join you on a woodland adventure.

Here are our top three tips for winter woodland walks with your children...

1. Have a scavenger hunt. Make a list of those key woodland finds on a sheet of paper, from acorns, feathers, twigs and get your children to tick them off as they are discovered. This will soon take their minds off those tired legs! All of these finds can be used to create those much loved art pieces to take pride of place on the fridge. You could also utilise the materials to make your very own twig raft to sail down stream. Get four twigs of roughly the same length and secure them together using long grass or string. Then, to make a mast, secure a twig in a vertical position to the base and make a sail from those collected leaves or petals, your raft will then be ready for its voyage! 

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2. Whilst you may not be going on a bear hunt, don't let this stop your children from taking their very own furry friends into the woods with them. So, if you have really little ones, why not pack their cuddly toys and have your very own teddy bear's picnic. Remember, picnics aren't just for summer

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3. Get arty in the woods. Take a few sheets of paper along with some crayons and let your children's artistic flair flow. In placing the paper up against a tree trunk or stump, they will create an interesting bark rubbing. This could then be framed either using twigs or leaves-the bumpier the tree, the better the artistic masterpiece!

With just these few tips to hand, hopefully those Sunday woodland afternoon walks will no longer feel like such a chore! 

Written by Abbie Coombes.