Unexpected British showers: the ultimate bathroom interiors

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If there’s one thing that can be guaranteed in Britain, it’s rain. Although it ruins premature summer barbeques and outdoor drinks parties, it does do a good job of prepping our gardens for what will (probably not) be a long, hot summer. This month, I’ve looked at the Bathroom kind of shower and quickly decided that whoever invented them was a genius. Turns out you can absolutely design a bespoke interiors shower, based around your Bathroom and whether you want clean lines and shiny chrome or classic Victorian levers, there’s a huge amount of choice.

The deck-mounted hand held shower
As indulgently British as a good bathtub is, showers are quick, practical and ever so stylish. I’m the first person to advocate the necessity of a bath in your house but popping a shower attachment on it can make a world of difference. This original handheld shower set by Bathroom giants C.P. Hart is as simple and classic as it gets; no fuss and no fiddly bits, just good old fashioned plumbing. Not only do these look very chic but adding a shower attachment to your bath really kills two birds with one stone. This original deck mounted set is pictured in chrome but is also available in incaloy gold and nickel finishes, for whatever suits your décor the best. Deck mounted is what you need for a bath that sits in the middle of a room, or under a window as it means the attachment is to the bath itself rather than the wall. The beauty of chrome fixtures is that they work in both period and more modern homes as well as against bright colour or plain white walls. I like this simple hand shower set over a classic roll-top bath, the exterior of which is perhaps painted a deep burgundy red or slate grey.

bespoke interiors

The original round deck mounted hand shower set
£175.50 >

The wall-mounted hand-held shower
A wall-mounted showerhead is a great over-bath option if space is an issue and looks great in a more contemporary styled Bathroom. The Chessleton from Drummonds is also available in three finishes and pictured is the un-lacquered brass, which is perfect for those who like a little bit of luxury. Wall mounted hand showers are good if you want your controls to be incorporated within a tiled wall and this streamlined shape will work in even the tiniest of Bathrooms, making sure that you can strike the balance between practicality and design.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 16.46.28

The Chessleton hand shower and wall bracket
£355 >

The showerhead itself
Gone are the days of the only showerhead option being the simple circle; you can now have square ones, enormous ones, double ones…the list goes on. Of course, the showerhead you choose dictates the surface area of the water pressure etc and so is very much a personal choice but if we’re assuming that the more powerful the better, why have one when you can have three? Enter the Shamrock shower rose, which is three circular heads fitted together into one huge head. In researching this article, I found showerheads of several shapes and sizes but none as unique as this one, which is ornate and beautiful but also fabulously functional. Keep this kind of fixture for your own Bathroom which you’ll use daily; as fun as it is, the spare rooms that have one guest every couple of weeks can cope with the vast range of just-as-pretty and just-as-powerful heads, flush into the ceiling for the taller folk or the Raindance range for those who love the design element of a shower.

bespoke interiors

The shamrock shower rose
£1,245 >

The modern controls
If there seem to be too many showerheads on the market, then perhaps don’t adjust your search filter to the controls section as you may be over faced: wheels, valves, levers, handles, taps, buttons or sensors, you can now almost control your shower with your voice. This thermostatic dial may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it does show how your shower can be digitally controlled. Instead of having an off and on dial, a temperature dial and a diverter, this one thermostat does the whole thing. Three shower users can save their preferred settings; the dial lights up from blue to red according to temperature and a light display will tell you exactly how hot (or not) the water is. The only thing it can’t do is make your coffee. Water and electrics don’t immediately come to mind as being a natural pair but this new age control shows just how advanced the plumbing world is! Don’t put this in your little country cottage Bathroom; it won’t work over a bath for one but this sort of fixture (again available in the holy trinity of nickel, chrome and brass) screams modern design and although is sure to be a talking point, it is perhaps best reserved for those homeowners that want to be one step ahead of the Bathroom game.

bespoke interiors

The shamrock shower rose
$3,040 >

The classic controls
If keeping things classic is more your design ethos, then West One Bathrooms have a range of especially traditional shower controls. Made from brass, the Trent set can be plated in nickel or chrome for a finish that is shiny but also surprisingly durable. The simple tap and lever style is refreshingly normal and you can mix and match with their 1900 classic black or 1910 La Chapelle ranges to have something that is unique but still traditional. Simpler fittings look great against patterned shower tiles and over a white or slate shower tray and they can be easily matched to other fixtures and fittings in the room.

bespoke interiors

Westone bathrooms
Trent shower controls
£390 >

The full monty
It’s wise to spend a good deal of time designing your Bathroom. Not only is it meant to be a place to relax but it’s also nigh on impossible (and vastly expensive) to change the layout. Your shower is only a small part of the room and if you’re going for a bath attachment then you can be sorted pretty quickly, but if it’s an entire enclosure you’re after, you need to know exactly what’s out there and what your options are. Catchpole and Rye’s La Cage is one of the smartest showers around and with over two hundred jets and a toe tap, it’s an extremely modern design without looking like it’s all singing, all dancing. La Cage is a perfect option for those who want a wet room set up but with some semblance of an actual shower enclosure, or the Cage can be placed on a bespoke marble base. As if that wasn’t fun enough, the frame is available in six finishes and at over eight feet tall, it’s a real showstopper. This is a perfect example of how to adapt the classic British (or 19th century French style in this case) to modern day requirements of hot and powerful water, which is really what you want need during a shower.

bespoke interiors

Catchpole & Rye
La Cage shower enclosure
£10,800 >

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