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From a ski chalet in Aspen to a luxury residence in London, people are choosing moving floor pools as an alternative to traditional pools. A pool doesn’t have to take permanent residency in a room or garden – a push of a button on the pool’s control panel and a moving floor glides effortlessly from the base of the pool and locks firmly when it reaches floor level, restoring a room or garden to its pre-pool state

British luxury

London Swimming Pool Company (LSPC) has brought this space-saving miracle to clients in London and the Home Counties and demand is growing as people realise that a pool area can be designed for multiple uses. With LSPC’s appointment as an Authorised Dealer for the leading edge Hydrofloors Movable Floor System, you can have the very best technology.

LSPC has been designing and building pools and spas for over 30 years. It has impeccable credentials with 41 major pool and spa design awards to its credit, and a client list boasting famous entrepreneurs to overseas property magnates. Clients are a closely guarded secret and only a fraction of LSPC’s pools can be showcased publicly.

Managing Director, Jamie Smith, said, “We handle any level of complexity presented by a brief or a building. We work closely with architects, designers and main contractors who rely on us to interpret their clients’ briefs and transform their vision into reality.”

British luxury

Every pool is bespoke, from the simplest luxury pool to highly complex installations including infinity edge, linear deck slot, standard deck level overflow and letterbox surface flow systems. The design team uses the latest 3D CAD software to produce intricate technical drawings, brings advanced technology to pool design and build including high efficiency and environmentally friendly heating systems, water features, an array of LED underwater lighting systems and, of course, the Hydrofloors moving floor.

At the concept stage, the LSPC project team has detailed discussions with the client architect and project designer. They produce initial concepts to take forward to a design principal and a flow of ideas that allows them to supply a preliminary performance specification.

When commissioned, LSPC consults further with the client team and submits drawings for construction and detailed design proposals for approval. Once the client has confirmed the core concept and budget, LSPC takes responsibility for the entire project right through to commissioning and servicing of the pool.

British luxury

When we think of a luxury pool, we imagine space devoted exclusively to the pool, however, a moving floor pool allows you to use the space for other purposes. When the moving floor is activated the pool is covered with a solid floor that blends seamlessly with the surrounding floor or outdoor terrace. There is also the safety aspect of the pool being totally sealed off when the floor is raised and locked in place.

Moving floor pools are now popular with UK home owners because they offer great flexibility. They have big advantages over pools with deep and shallow ends – the latter being popular for learners and young swimmers. But these groups grow out of the need for a shallow end. A moving floor pool accommodates every type of swimmer as the pool floor can be set at any level across the entire pool.

British luxury

Moving floors were originally designed for public pools, with the first patents recorded in 1965, to enable commercial operators to offer different types of swimming experiences to adults, children, babies, people having therapeutic treatment and for water sports. The development of solid load-bearing floors that allow you to stand, walk and dance on them with total confidence was a milestone in the history of moving floors, and increased their popularity in the private sector.

In London the growth in moving floor pools in private residences has been fuelled by the property boom, with investors adding value to their properties with bespoke moving floor pools. Other clients are keen to have a pool but have limited space – London property comes at a premium price and they want to maximise every square foot. A pool designed with the Hydrofloors Movable Floor System gives maximum flexibility to switch between a pool and a solid floor, indoors or outdoors. Whatever a client’s vision, LSPC makes it happen and recently completed pools featuring pure gold tiles and a crystal encrusted water feature.

British luxury

The latest trend in London’s residential property sector is the ‘iceberg home’ whereby properties are renovated extensively below ground level to the point where the new floors are subterranean. This creates extra space for a swimming pool. However, a moving floor pool eliminates the need to dig deep into a garden to gain extra space. It does this by creating two totally different spaces on one floor – you get a spectacular pool and can reclaim the space at party time!

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