We love cycling, and we also love our dads!

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

The sunshine is out, and our inner Wiggins has been unleashed! It seems us Brits are cycling mad, and with the Tour De France taking place throughout July, I'm sure this will see many more of us, quite literally, get on our bikes! 

The success in the Velodrome at the 2012 olympics, certainly created a buzz for the sport. It saw the sales of bicycles increase by 11%, whilst statistics from 2017 highlighted that two million people in the UK cycle at least once a week. For many of us, a tour around Tuscany, Spain's Sierra Nevada National Park, or the Pyrenees, sat in the saddle, makes for the ideal holiday. 

In recent months, there have been many occasions where my dad has forced me to put on a helmet and take to a saddle for what he describes, as a few miles around the block (18 miles later, struggling up a steep hill, I always question why I believed this!) You might, like me, think it's about time to leave your cycling mad dad to it! 

With Father's Day approaching, we've compiled a collection of cycling themed gifts; from backpacks, cufflinks, biscuits, ties and pocket squares, so your dads can really revel in pedal power...

Men's 'Paul Bike' Print Canvas Backpack
Paul Smith 
£325 >

Men's Silver Cyclist Cufflinks 
Paul Smith 
£85 >

Men's 'Artist Stripe Cycling Socks

Paul Smith 
£15 >

The Bike Race Biscuit Gift Tin 

£35 >

Men's 'Cycling Jersey' Print Silk Pocket Square 

Paul Smith
£50 >

Paul Smith & Cinelli Black 'Artist Stripe' Band Cycling Cap
Paul Smith 
£25 >

Paul Smith's Cycling Scrapbook- Paul Smith with
Richard Williams 
Paul Smith 
£29.95 >

Men's Navy 'Cyclist' Embroidered Silk Tie

Paul Smith 
£95 >

Paul Smith & Kask 'Blue Gradient' Protone Cycling Helmet 

Paul Smith 
£220 >

Men's Black 'Cycle Dot' Print Leather Credit Card Holder 
Paul Smith 
£120 >


Written by Abbie Coombes.