Wear a Hat, and wear it well.

Posted on by Lizzie Watson

Don't give us your 'hats don't suit me' statement - we disagree, and so do Christy's. You just haven't found the right one.

Today, we implore you to wear a hat and wear it with confidence. Keeping heritage for a new generation, Christy's 245-year knowledge is continuing to inspire our love affair with headwear and you're certain to find a hat for every occasion with this selection of our favourite Christy's hats!

I have many hats, and wish I owned more! As Christy's so rightly say, this classic, versatile hat is 'for the woman who understands that subtle style speaks volumes.' It's my favouite by far: 


A timeless icon, digital marketing assistant Hayley, loves how versatile the Christys' Classic Fedora is. Having truly stood the test of time, this hat should adorn stylish heads everywhere:


For a hat that can be worn in either a formal or informal style is perfect for editorial assistant Abbie, as it offers versatility depending on the occasion or outfit:


Grey may be neutral but it certainly isn't boring. Digital marketing manager Megan loves the iconic style of the racing trilby, and this classic colour will complement any outfit:



Entirely inspired by Mary Poppins (and why not), digital design and marketing assistant Abbie, loves this hat; an unmistakable icon of the hat universe:


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