Where heritage, craftsmanship & modernity meet

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Quintessentially British, Mulberry is renowned for their bespoke handbags and skilled craftsmanship.  Rooted in Somerset, Mulberry continues to be dedicated to British manufacturing, proud to be the largest producer of luxury leather goods in the UK.

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Modernity always needs roots in the past
Creative Director, Johnny Coca

All of Mulberry’s collections capture their spirit: age-honoured craft combined with a distinctive sense of style; a way of life where town meets country and heritage meets modernity.  The latest addition to the Spring 2017 collection is The Zipped Bayswater.  Inspired from the iconic Bayswater, the sophisticated tote borrows the same silhouette, complete with a zipped-up top to provide a modern function.  A constant thread through all of Mulberry’s collections is the Postman’s lock, adorning the fastening belt, in homage to the original.  The sued line interior is complete with a useful slip pocket and the bag has a detachable body strap, fusing fashion and practicality.  Available in a variety of colours, ensure any outfit is complete with the bespoke bag.

Small Zipped Bayswater Ocean Green
£995 >

Zipped Bayswater Natural Oak
£1,195 >

Meet the family
Since its inception in the early Seventies, Mulberry has continued to be stay true to its roots by investing in British manufacturing.  The main factories are based in Somerset, filled with 600 skilled craftspeople, many of whom have been trained by Mulberry’s Apprenticeship Programme.  The scheme is popular as it offers local people to learn the traditional skills that are required to excel within this field.  Rather than relying on technology to produce the bespoke bags, Mulberry strives to maintain the balance.  Even though a little help form technology is inevitable, the team understand that maintaining the organic crafting of each bespoke bag is necessary – which is why each beautiful bag is a little bit different from the next.

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