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Five great British marmalades


Posted by , 4th January, 2016

Tea, toast and marmalade – how very British. Channel your inner Paddington Bear with five of our favourite marmalades, says Dan Cooper 

Fortnum & Mason Orange Cognac Marmalade
Enjoying a tasteful alcoholic drink with a quality marmalade is having a delightful resurgence at the moment. So it’s no surprise that Fortnum & Mason would opt to add a dash of Cognac to complete its recipe. Medium-cut, handmade and gorgeous to the taste. 340g / £5.25. Buy now

Fortnum & Mason Orange Cognac Marmalade


Harrods Orange Whisky Marmalade 
British marmalade has its origins firmly rooted in Scotland, apparently emerging after a ship full of oranges had broken down in Dundee. This recipe from Harrods’ Scottish Collection embraces all that is great about Scottish marmalade, with a humble dose of whisky for authenticity. 227g / £4.95. Buy now

Harrods Orange Whisky Marmalade

Duchy Originals Thick Cut Organic Seville Orange Marmalade
Initially established by the Prince of Wales, Duchy Originals produces some of the most desirable organic marmalades on the market. Thickly cut and full of luscious chunky pieces, this marmalade is a delicious and hearty addition to any breakfast. 340g / £1.98. Buy now


Wilkin & Sons Tiptree ‘Tawny’ Marmalade
Boasting only two ingredients, the best Seville oranges and sugar, Wilkin & Sons’ Tiptree ‘Tawny’ Marmalade has a truly classic flavour. Double-cooked to enhance its richness, and add an almost spicy quality, this marmalade has been crafted to be as versatile as it is delicious. 454g / £2.19. Buy now

Wilkin & Sons Tiptree 'Tawny' Orange Marmalade

… Oh, and there’s just a bit more
If you wish to enjoy your marmalade right through to the evening, there’s always the award-winning Williams Chase’s Marmalade Vodka. You can’t quite spread it on a bit of toast, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy it just the same. 70cl / £45. William Chase

Williams Chase Marmalade Vodka

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