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Lights of Soho presents “Profiles” by Anna Laurini


Posted by , 27th January, 2017

Lights of Soho have announced Anna Laurini’s “Profiles”, a collection of canvas and neon artworks, as their latest exhibition. The leading light-art gallery will be opening the exhibition to the public from 25 January.

abstract art abstract artThe First Lady, acrylics on canvas

Anna Laurini says: “I am absolutely thrilled to be exhibiting my work in what I feel is London’s cultural Hub, Soho. It reminds me a little of NYC, the mix of styles and cultures from around the world, representing true diversity. Soho is where I feel I can truly express myself to the fullest, painting the streets and leaving my mark as I wander. To be exhibiting at Lights of Soho is a great pleasure, a place where it dedicates to keeping the soulful spirit of Soho alive.”

Laurini’s work is inspired by her experiences of the city, as well as the Abstract expressionist movement of New York in the 1950s. Laurini is one of the leading female artists ‘bringing life to the streets’ and her distinctive faces are unmissable across London. Her abstract pieces are engaging, profoundly expressive and thought provoking.

For six weeks at Lights of Soho, Laurini will be showcasing her artwork, depicting the vibrancy of the area. In her collection Laurini uses neon for the first time to bring her pieces to life.

abstract artNew Woman, acrylics on canvas abstract artThe Man, acrylics on canvas


I have created the body of work for Profiles, based on the energy and the vibe of Soho
Anna Laurini

“We have ‘neon-ed’ the lips on two of my painted ladies, as the lips are the most striking element of my work and they look fabulous! My characters include Lui and Lei, meaning him and her in Italian who represent the ultimate love when two soul mates meet. And The Elegant Lady who is my ‘street character’ brought in to the gallery – she is painted on a canvas with more definition than the lady quickly painted on the street!” says Anna Laurini about her collection.

abstract art
The Lady Elegance

Curator at Lights of Soho, Hamish Jenkinson said: Anna Laurini has taken the technique of cubism and infused it with new meaning, giving the figures she portrays, life. Her Picasso-esque style of painting has become iconic in London as she has succeeded in painting nearly every street corner with her characterful faces. Anna is incredibly dedicated to her work and we are proud to host this prolific artist at Lights of Soho. This is a great opportunity for collectors to buy artworks from an artist that is about to rocket sky-high.

A private viewing will take place on 24 January, with the exhibition open to the public from 25 January at Lights of Soho.



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