Private Jets for Executive Travel

Av8jet are specialists in private jet aircraft sales, acquisitions and management. They manage the worldwide operations of a diverse fleet of types including Gulfstream, Falcon and Citation.

The Art of Good Aircraft Management
Av8jet management services include helping our clients identify and set up the ideal solution for them. Av8jet ensure their operation is hassle free and takes full advantage of their in-house jet operation.

– 24/7 Flight Planning and Operational Support
– Financial Cost Control and Management
– Crew Management
– Technical Oversight

Av8jet offer a seamless service, including full financial and technical management of the aircraft. All aircraft expenses are transparent to the owner, so there are no hidden extras beyond the agreed management fees.

Aircraft Acquisition
Owning a private jet is a life-changing experience for any business or owner. Such a luxury can become a reliable and efficient resource for any busy individual, freeing them to decide when and where they travel. It can offer travel from A to B in a way that no airline can match, saving employees and client’s time, increasing productivity, ensuring security and maximising safety. A private jet is a mark of entrepreneurial spirit and success like nothing else.

Av8jet’s comprehensive acquisition service includes mission analysis, finance evaluation, budget preparation, model selection, valuation, contract negotiation, survey and even oversight of the aircraft’s delivery into service.

Selling your aircraft
Av8jet are part of a global network of brokers who work together to ensure that your jet or helicopter is listed for sale and promoted worldwide for just one commission fee.

They provide a total sales service, from initial marketing through to close-of-sale contract.

Their sales commission is due only upon completion of the sale. Av8jet’s interests are therefore completely aligned with yours and they will always represent your best interest in every detail of the transaction.

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