Blackstone Consultancy

Protection, Investigations & Residential Security for Private Clients

Blackstone Consultancy refuses to conform to the security stereotype that the protection of people and assets is a rigid system based around manned guarding and banal process. Security is a basic human need and if one cannot enjoy ones successes for fear of being a target of crime or subversion it is akin to living in a golden cage. Blackstone Consultancy’s evolution is accredited to its empathy and understanding of such lifestyles. Every enquiry is considered bespoke and tailored to the client so that the solution not only mitigates the risk, but does not, itself, impact on the lifestyle of the family/business concerned.

You can expect to be matched with an account manager within 24 hours of contact. As a core client they will go beyond expectations to facilitate your request whether it be a long term protection commitment, discreet investigation or a project to secure your home, one thing is a constant; the personal service and quality assurance. Their reputation is strengthened by their capability to offer their client a single point of contact to facilitate differing services, in different countries. It is deemed invaluable and something that their customers report is a feature they have come to rely on. Your account manager can build up a file for you that will identify individual preferences, be it for a certain type of vehicle to specific medical needs.

 • Personal Protection 
• Security Drivers 
• Residential Security Teams

 • Surveillance Teams 
• TSCM (Bug) Sweeps 
• Investigations & Due Diligence

• Residential Security Risk Assessments 
• Business Security Risk Assessments 
• Architectural Liaison Consultancy

Blackstone Consultancy attracts and selects the most professional Close Protection Officers, Investigators and Security specialists. Any personnel allocated to a principal, family or home are handpicked and matched to ensure that the client and their family are comfortable with the security enhancement. Blackstone Consultancy Directors personally conduct quality control checks and invite external auditing of all quality management processes under the International Standards of ISO 9001. They are constantly striving to enhance an already superior quality of service.


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