Britannicus Stone

Home to the Shining Stones of Britain

There are very few luxuries one can have in one’s life that is more exquisite and exclusive than British marble. Created over millions of years, their colour spectrum suits the British light and interiors. Neither garish nor dull, their palette is perfectly in tune with the British landscape.

The polishing stones Britannicus source were first used by the Romans who discovered their rare beauty. These wonderful marbles and limestones have also been used throughout the history of Britain in some of the most beautiful houses, cathedrals and historic buildings including the Houses of Parliament.

From Devon’s and Dorset’s rolling hills through to Somerset’s arable lands. Up through Yorkshire’s, Cumbria’s and Derbyshire’s peaks and dales, right up into Sutherlands iconic Scottish highlands, Britannicus sources its stones responsibly and exclusively from some of the British Isles most beautiful and familiar geographical places.

From its launch in 2011 Britannicus Stone has been able to expand the range of stones from 12 to more than 20 varieties of British marble and limestone. This is a unique and exciting offering to leading architects and designers, not only within the United Kingdom, but worldwide.

Keats said “The poetry of the earth is never dead.” This is never truer than for Britannicus’ stones.

The epitome of fundamental and natural beauty, The Shining Stones of Britain bring elegance and organic artistry into Britain’s most exclusive and sought after addresses.

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