Gurasu Crystal

Luxury Crystalware For Your Home

A shimmer of light, glinting from perfectly cut facets, a bold splash of colour, rich against the clear crystal; a contemporary design given form and structure using traditional handcrafted techniques.

The beauty of crystal has always inspired Joanna Maya, the Creative Director of Gurasu Crystal since a young age. It was this challenge which led her to develop the idea and eventually create the London-based, boutique brand of luxurious crystalware with a modern twist. Her collections are made in the most skilled crystal studios including the UK, Czech Republic and Germany.

Through collaborations with emerging and award-winning British designers, artists and craftspeople, Gurasu Crystal infuses the classic elegance of handcrafted crystal with contemporary colour and innovative design.

The result is a new generation of crystalware for a new generation of clients.

15 Stratton Street


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