Locate Jersey

Jersey. For business. For life.

Finding a jurisdiction that can offer you the very best tax advantages might be a motivation, but selecting a location to become your new home is about much more.

With a long-standing reputation for attracting successful companies and families to its beautiful shores, Jersey is a location for those who want to work in a thriving, international centre of excellence, but who also seek a life of more than just work. In Jersey, a work-life balance really is achievable.

Self-governing, with a stable government and independent fiscal and legal systems, Jersey regularly ranks as one of the top offshore finance centres in the world.  It has a highly respected international reputation, recognised by both the IMF and OECD and its well-regulated business infrastructure ensures that you will have peace of mind when you or your business move to the island.

Jersey has all the advantages of an offshore destination, with the practicalities of sharing the same time zone and language as the UK.  Independence, with the security of swift communications and secure connections with the rest of the world.  12 flights a day to London and flights to other international hub airports give easy access to the UK and Europe’s transport networks.

With its culture of safety and privacy, high quality health and leisure facilities, world class restaurants, a high quality education system and easy access to the UK, Europe and beyond, Jersey is the ideal location for you, your business and family to prosper.

Locate Jersey, the Government of Jersey organisation responsible for promoting, attracting and retaining inward investment and developing High Value Residency for Jersey, is committed to the development and growth of enterprise and entrepreneurialism across all sectors of the Jersey economy.  The team at Locate Jersey provides a comprehensive, confidential and free service to facilitate, support and guide companies and families through the process of moving and setting up their operations in the Island – from pre-location information and advice, to aftercare once you are established in Jersey.

Discover a true work/life balance in a high quality location and experience peace of mind for yourself and your family.

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