London Heliport

Barclays London Heliport, UK Capital’s Only Licensed Heliport

The London Heliport at Battersea is the UK capital’s only licensed heliport. Established for over 50 years, it offers VVIP handling facilities with complete anonymity and discretion. Located adjacent to the five star Hotel Verta, amenities at the heliport are ideal for meetings and an ideal liaison point for people coming briefly into London from anywhere in the UK or indeed from near-Europe by helicopter. It presents the fastest possible means to access the likes of central Paris (via the Paris heliport) and several other northern European cities. The heliport also hosts daily London sightseeing tours from as little as £199/person.

The heliport can arrange helicopter flights to and from anywhere in the United Kingdom or indeed overseas, along with all peripheral ground logistics and transportation.

Barclays London Heliport
Bridges Court
SW11 3BE

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