Simple. Functional. Beautiful‎

mahabis is a global lifestyle brand based out of London, we’re on a singular quest to create simple products that help you relax. With influences from across the globe, along with the latest modern footwear technology, our design sensibilities derive from a universal aesthetic. More than just a quest for comfort, mahabis is a lifestyle brand that believes in the importance of turning down.

Suitable all-year round, there’s a choice between classic, summer and luxe mahabis. Featuring a soft and sculpted wool lining, the classic edition offers maximum comfort and warmth, yet is light enough to prevent overheating. The summer slipper is crafted from a lightweight, breathable mesh, designed to keep your feet cool in the heat, the luxe is made from beautiful European leather, married with cloud-soft sheep wool, and represents a true commitment to downtime; an investment in the importance of switching off.

We are the place you go when you want to switch off, when you’ve stopped trying to change the world, when you’ve put your feet up.

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