Naomi’s Kitchen

Naomi Buff is a Holistic Wellness Coach, Superfood Supplier and Kitchen Consultant, living in Monaco. In 2011, after struggling with finding any foods that her toddler son would eat and eventually discovering his love of healthy juices in a eureka moment, Naomi’s wellness mission took off.

She took a course in nutrition and started sharing her simple and delicious recipes with Monaco residents through different workshops and on her blog. She eventually set up her own business but suffered from health problems caused by stress. She then signed up with ‘The Institute of Integrative Nutrition’ and did a one year long Holistic Health Coaching course. She re-educated herself on the basic principles of life to find balance, peace and authenticity and she was fuelled with passion and determination to make a change in the world. In 2015 she got the idea for the ‘I AM superfood blends’ and teamed up with leading scientist to create the line. Naomi is nearing completion of advanced studies for Eating Psychology. Naomi is passionate about empowering people with knowledge in the form of blogs and recipes.

Commitment Naomi’s Kitchen commits to the environment by using brown, eco-friendly bags and by promoting recycling of these. They also support the community by making a charitable donation of 0.50p per sold bag. This money will be donated to the charity ‘Caudwell Children’ who supports disabled children. ‘Caudwell Children’ acts as a safety net for families who can’t get the help they need, and helps to change the future of disabled children by providing the right services, equipment, therapies and treatments.

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