Neom Organics

Wellbeing Fragrance Brand

Neom is the only brand dedicated to creating products that are 100% natural with true wellbeing benefits: to relieve stress, calm & relax, aid sleep, boost your energy or lift your mood.

Neom use only the highest possible percentage of the purest possible essential oils, which not only smell wonderful but also have true therapeutic benefits for the mind and body, helping to transform the way you feel.


Neom was created in 2005 by Nicola Elliott, a trained aromatherapist and ex-magazine journalist whose own wellbeing, and that of her close friends and colleagues, was being affected by the hectic pace and stress of constant 60 hour weeks.

Nicola believed that pure essential oils, twisted in the most complex and purposeful way could help to address the wellbeing needs of women who were being affected by the pressures of modern day living, poor sleep, high stress and low energy and mood. Nicola began making powerful therapeutic tinctures for her friends and not long after Neom’s signature Scent to Sleep™ fragrance, Tranquillity™ was created. It blends 19 of the purest possible essential oils including lavender, basil and jasmine, all sourced for their most effective sleep inducing properties. Neom is now the fastest growing wellbeing fragrance brand in the UK.

With a true passion for women’s health, Nicola is dedicated to inspiring women to lead naturally healthier lives by encouraging women to press pause and make time for prioritising their wellbeing. Neom offers 360° holistic support to consumers looking for help with sleep, stress, energy and mood-related issues.


An integral part of the Neom team, it is group of 11 experts who together, offer a 360° support service. Neom believe that the correct balance and synergy between all areas of health is imperative for optimum wellness. The highly-respected team are specialists in fields such as mindfulness, nutrition and fitness and between them, offer expert insight and knowledge on how to holistically improve sleep quality, reduce stress levels, boost energy and improve mood.


Neom’s unique blends have been formulated to help you find the perfect treatment for your particular need. In order to find the ideal blend, Neom have developed the ‘Science of Scent Therapy’ test. The 10 second test allows you to inhale the raw power of 5 key blends in the 5 Neom categories; sleep, de-stress, calm & relax, energy and happiness. Your body knows best what your mind needs most, therefore the Neom fragrance you are most drawn to will be the perfect blend for your wellbeing need.

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