Fairytale Fitters

Ted&Muffy are boutique women’s footwear designers who are on a mission to make you look and feel amazing.

How do they achieve this? By creating boots and shoes in an array of calf and width fittings, so that you never have to settle for anything less than perfection. Their beautiful designs come to you with the utmost attention to detail, whether you choose to shop in-store, online or by chatting to one of their customer care experts who offer the very best advice on both styles and fit.

Before each pair of boots and shoes leaves Ted&Muffy, every one passes through dozens of expert hands to satisfy their obsession with quality. No two pairs are exactly the same. Before they send them on their way to you, they wrap each pair in tissue and pop them in a box that you’ll just want to keep forever.

What will you see when you open the box? Well, they are quite sure you’ll notice they source the finest leathers and most sumptuous suedes from tanners who produce colours, textures and finishes to inspire and delight. Upon closer inspection you will see they’ve added the most beautiful embellishments… and they hope you will conclude that their in-house designers had the very best boot-making ingredients at their fingertips.

When you try on your Ted&Muffys, they believe you will appreciate the work of their brilliant last-makers and pattern-cutters who give the shoes and boots their fabulous fit and their technicians, stitchers and finishers who skillfully blended together each ingredient to produce the final piece. When you stand back to admire, they anticipate you will love the style, colours and details which their team cherry-picked from a mixture of inspiration and imagination.We think you will appreciate this level of artistry and hope you agree that this is what makes Ted&Muffy so very special.

Take a look at our treasure trove of seasonal style gems and timeless classics which will enhance, complement and brighten your wardrobe for years to come by visiting us online or instore at 33 Milsom Street, Bath BA1 1DG.

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