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Our Seven Top Tips For Organisation


Posted by , 31st August, 2017

There are some people out there who just always seem to have their life neatly in order. We all know at least one. Those people who can make plans months in advance and then stick to them, have all their own personalised stationary, who never forget anything on a day-to-day basis and if you looked ‘organisation’ up in the dictionary, their name would very likely be the first thing next to it. But just because these select few appear to have been simply born with such skills, doesn’t mean the rest of us have to continue on in a muddled and chaotic mess. Beyond Bespoke’s few tips for organisation may perhaps seem obvious, but even the smallest changes and additions to your daily schedule can make a difference to your routine. Whether you’re about to start university or just want to turn over a new leaf at work, reading our suggestions are a sure way to remind you just how easy it is to take control of your life, no matter how small the step. We, too, can strive to be like all those innately organised people.

Rule #1 Own a Journal
For those of us still obsessed with beautiful personalised stationary, doodling and good old-fashioned pen and paper during the ever-growing digital age, curating your very own Journal can be the ultimate first step towards organisation. It can act as a to-do list, diary, sketchbook, contact list and notebook all in one and with all your thoughts and events written down in one place, you’ll always know where to turn to. And if you decide to decorate and accessorise each page of your journal (or even start up the Internet’s latest craze of Bullet Journaling), you’ll be inspired to add a bit more everyday.

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Rule #2 Set Weekly/Daily Goals
Every morning or at the start of the week, take some time out to set yourself some goals and write them in a place where you can always turn to – a list of tasks and challenges you want yourself to have accomplished by a certain time. Even when you find yourself in the middle of the most stressful of days, with emails and papers coming up to your eyes, just take a deep breath and look at your goals. Whether they’re short-term or long-term, you’ll be able to calmly remember exactly what you have left to do.

Rule #3 Own a Calendar
Whether it’s in digital form or on paper, start using a Calendar for every meeting, event, appointment and date night. Stop trying to keep all your days stacked up in your head. Next time someone asks you if you’re free, whip out your phone, tablet, diary or good old-fashioned desktop calendar and you’ll have your life already scribbled down, put-together and inside. No more double booking and no more disappointing others.

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Rule #4 Create Checklists
Before leaving the house for work, a day out, a night away or even a holiday, one sure thing that everyone does is, of course, to pack up a bag. But another sure thing that almost everyone does? Forget at least one essential. Many have been guilty of arriving at their destination having forgotten their purse, maybe a favourite beauty product or even the dreaded phone charger. Whether you’re getting ready to leave for three weeks or just for the day, start creating checklists in order to minimise this problem! To anything as trivial as a pen to as crucial as your credit card, cross off each item once it’s popped in your bag and you can breathe a sigh of relief as you step out of the door certain that you’ve got everything.

Rule #5 Keep Your Workspace Clean
It’s just as the saying goes. Tidy space, tidy mind, right? But unlike most other ‘Old Wives’ Tales,’ I find that this one really does help. Settling down to work at a cluttered and over-spilling desk not only makes it difficult to find anything when needed, but it also send your brain into such a messy spin you’re unable to even think straight. Try to minimise the sheer amount of things on your desk and keep any notes or files tucked away unless needed. With everything clear and in its place (this even applies to bedrooms) you’re able to efficiently tackle tasks straight away without the distracting dread of such a chaotic environment looming over you.

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Rule #6 Have Everything In It’s Own Place
Have a whole host of files, folders, wallets and boxes and start storing everything inside them so that things never go missing. Clearly label each one and you’ll be able to reach for it straight away – it’ll be even easier if you manage to chronologically order them! Just from personal experience, coming to revise at the end of second year of university was a lot simpler when every note I had ever made was neatly kept in folders rather than months’ worth scattered across the desk (which I may have been guilty of in first year).

Rule #7 Plan The Day Before
If you’re most definitely not a morning person, someone who will do anything for just a few extra minutes in bed, then preparing the night before is key. It may sound overly simple, but when your clothes are already laid out on a chair and lunch is already in the fridge, grabbing them and going will make a huge difference in your usually hurried morning routine. Even if you simply think about your outfit the previous day, it’s still going to save you from all that usual rushing and stressing and the obvious cliché of staring at a full wardrobe proclaiming that you “have nothing to wear”!

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