The British Monarchist Society and Foundation is the premier monarchist organisation within the United Kingdom. It is a brand unlike any other which is growing in name, growing as a movement and welcoming many new members and patrons alike into the cause to “Support Tradition, Promote Heritage, Defend the Crown and Embrace Charity”. Luxury, quality and consistency are the main components of what the British Monarchist Brand uses to create its “special brand of magic” as seen through the products and events which are produced by this unique organisation. Together with Royal Warrant Holders, Royal Associated Patrons, Parliamentarians, Lords and other luxury brands, the British Monarchist Society is an organisation unique unto itself.

The British Monarchist brand has three distinct and separate realms of operation: the Charity, the Company and the Society. The Foundation has a strong emphasis on education, which includes working with individuals,organisations and the government to promote, foster and expand further education about the Crown and its Constitutional roles/functions within our modern Parliamentary Democracy. The Company is an innovative and commercial entity which produces high quality, luxury products and fine luxurious events to further add gravitas to the British Monarchist brand and provide funding for the various initiatives the organisation carries out. The Society is the social conglomerate to which individuals and organisations belong, to help show support for our Crown in a modern 21st century Britain.