Atelier d’Exception by Marlis offers bespoke luxury handbags, individually handcrafted with precious materials, mirroring a combination of classic elegance and extravagant shapes.

Marlis’ handicraft roots are laid in a longterm established family business. Inspired by her love for architecture, and arty, elegant furniture, she designed a range of exquisite handbags in limited editions that draw on her experience in furniture and interior design. Her clients look for individuality and differentiation – they appreciate exclusive and timeless pieces.

The handbag collection is crafted with attention to detail in hiqh quality leathers like calfhair, salmon and python. The bag jewels are 14c gold or rhuthenium plated and complemented with precious stones. A bespoke service allows clients to choose their preferred style, leather skin and jewel to create their „very own“ handbag.

Marlis’ handbags are available in several leading luxury hotels in the UK and abroad, as well as by personal appointment. The online boutique offers a small selection of her handbag range.