Bentley stands for more than a list of superlatives. Six victories at Le Mans have infused the marque with romance, spirit and flair. They have shaped a philosophy of not simply reaching a destination, but of doing so with purpose and power. In a Bentley, you arrive in every sense of the word.

You feel this essence in the commanding surge that propels the vehicle forwards. You see it in the understated lines, the distinctive twin headlights and the unmistakable matrix grille. You appreciate it in every element of a car crafted by hand from the finest materials – even when you step out at your destination.

Both relaxing and exhilarating, a Bentley represents an intensely personal journey. For the driver, it means entering a world of luxurious high-performance. For us, it represents the skills, passion and pride of our people based at Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe and around the world. Their craftsmanship is evident throughout, right down to the initials carefully etched into the upholstery inside every car. An individual hallmark of absolute quality.

In an era where even some luxury cars are assembled in a matter of hours, Bentley’s flagship, the Mulsanne, contradicts that trend. It takes about 400 hours to build a car that is a joy to drive and an absolute pleasure to be driven in. In 2003 the debut of the Continental GT heralded a new era for Bentley, and today the updated Continental GT is undoubtedly the most stylish Grand Tourer in the world, combining uncompromising levels of styling, comfort and performance.

Motorsport is an integral part of Bentley’s heritage. After a hiatus from racing since the 2003 Le Mans victory, this year marks the second year of a third age of Bentley Motorsport. Last year, a hugely successful first season saw Bentley triumph at Silverstone as factory-affiliated Bentleys returned to a British racetrack for the first time in more than 80 years.

This uncompromising pursuit of the best extends beyond the garage, and into the lives of Bentley customers.

From our range of home and office furniture to our exclusive relationship with watchmaker Breitling, the techniques, the materials and the finishes that characterise Bentley’s renowned car interiors are all integrated and reimagined in similar high luxury partnerships. Bentley is not only a car, it’s also a way of life.