Sending and spending money overseas shouldn’t be complicated or expensive. Centtrip is a Global Currency Account and multi-currency prepaid MasterCard® card with a difference – a real difference. It gives you access to the live market and real rate of exchange.

Free of conventional charges and with fair and transparent fees up front, Centtrip launched to continually embrace, challenge and lead positive change in the global currency market and financial technology space.

Specifically serving the needs of affluent individuals and companies with a commitment to international payments and travel expenditure, Centtrip provides a single view global currency account with authentic 0% real rate of exchange.

Centtrip charge a maximum of 0.5% to load the account where secure payments are made in all major and many exotic currencies traded globally through the SWIFT network. The MasterCard prepaid cards holds 14 currencies simultaneously and with higher card balances and spend limits, it is free to use worldwide at over 35 million locations and charges a fixed fee for international withdrawals at 2.1 million ATMs.

The account is managed online and via a smartphone app with full support from a dedicated Business Account Manager. Visit for full details about regulators and permissions.