Chris James background is in teaching Yoga and Meditation. In the 1990’s he lived and studied with masters in India, and has now established himself as an expert in the world of health and well being.

He still teaches privately to high end clients, and delivers workshops, masterclasses, and Clean Break retreats internationally. Chris has an unrelenting passion for cooking and good nutrition, while his focus is on good gut and digestive health as key to maintaining optimum vitality and longevity: “You are not so much what you eat – You are what you can absorb and assimilate.”

In 2004, Chris developed a product called “12Days”cleanse for private clients who typically led busy lives. The product started its life in a shoe box, and his very popular product range is now stocked in Harrods, SpaceNK, Liberty of London, and Wholefoods.

Chris writes a regular column in the Yoga Magazine, and contribute regularly to the health pages of the national press. His work has been featured in The Times, Evening Standard, FT Magazine, Sunday Telegraph, Elle, Grazia, Natural Health, & Om.

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