Elliot Brown’s watches are hard-working in more ways than one. Not only do they look great on your wrist, but they’ve been tested in water to a depth of 200m and can withstand blows from a 3kg mallet. They’re designed to last for years not fashion seasons and there’s something very comforting in throwing on a beautiful watch that you know can cope as well with a big night out as it’ll withstand the most extreme adventure.

The spark that ignited their passion to create a new kind of watch was ignited during a chance conversation in 2011. Their mission was to craft a best of both worlds watch, armed with over 20 years of specialist watch building knowledge.

Today, their ambassadors have worn watches to the summit of Mount Everest, circumnavigated the globe, rowed entire oceans and rivers, broken speed records and trekked to both poles.

“It’s how we continually hone and refine the smallest detail and it’s this endless process of crafting and improving every component that drives us.” Commented Ian Elliot – Co-Founder.