Purveyors Of Luxury Cakes

Wedding cakes have been around in some form since Ancient Rome but it was in 19th century Britain when wedding cakes took the tiered form that we know and love today.

Prince Leopold - the youngest son of Queen Victoria - had the first wedding cake that was completely edible and made with tiers. The tiered wedding cake soon became a status symbol of wealth and prosperity. Luxurious tiered wedding cakes continue to play an important role in British weddings today.

GC Couture are creators of luxury, bespoke cakes and are one of the most exciting brands to be welcomed into the heart of Mayfair with their recently opened Mayfair showroom.

This luxury brand has clients that include The Dorchester, The Savoy, The Ritz and Belmond Le Manoir to name a few, meaning if you choose a cake designed and created by GC Couture for your wedding or event, you will be in excellent company..

GC Couture don’t just believe in creating the perfectly designed bespoke wedding cake, they also believe in the whole wedding cake experience. Creating your cake is a special and enjoyable part of the wedding planning process and they want to create a wonderful and luxurious environment where you can do this.

If you book an appointment with GC Couture then you will be welcomed into their stunning Mayfair showroom for your own personal consultation where you will greeted with a glass of champagne and offered a variety of different cakes to taste.

With 16 delicious cake flavours to choose from, they offer everything from the classic through to the truly unique - including their popular fruitcake without bits, strawberry and champagne, coconut and lime and chocolate orange. When it comes to the look of your cake, you will sit down with GC Couture and talk through your wedding style, colour scheme and the types of cakes you love and they will create a design that is truly exquisite and unforgettable.