Gizelle Renee is a British bespoke glove company that creatively merges demure designs with innovative luxury fabrics. With a comprehensive collection of designs for women and men, the Gizelle Renee brand offers hand-crafted gloves with intricate detail that is suitable for all styles.

Whether you’re after a classic glove for everyday use, or an elegant addition to your evening wear, the Gizelle Renee gloves feature liberty prints, delicate bows, ruched stitching and fur embellishment, for stand-out accessories for any occasion.

Gizelle Renee gloves are made from only the finest leathers and materials sourced from around the world, and the attention to detail doesn’t stop there. Each glove takes a skilled team of dedicated glovers to hand-cut the bespoke patterns, skilfully assemble the pieces and hand sew the intricate embellishments and linings, ensuring that each glove fits perfectly.

The creation of a Gizelle Renee glove takes a year. From the initial concept and design of a new pattern, to sourcing the materials and hand-making the samples, each pair is a work of art that we are proud to share.

Every glove you buy is a one-off piece that not only has been hand-selected for its distinguishing detail but our artisan designers also match the leathers with an array of fabric embellishments and linings to create a truly bespoke, unique glove that has never been created before. Even our glove bags, which arrive with every pair you purchase, are individually sewn and created for your gloves.