Jigsaw is a contemporary British fashion brand founded in 1972, creating beautiful and timeless clothes and accessories for women, men and children. We believe in Style & Truth; that everyone should feel empowered to embrace their own true style, and not slavishly follow the fashion world.

Jigsaw believe that fashion is temporary but style is permanent. They opened our first store in Hampstead in 1972 to sell stylish clothes in inspiring surroundings. Their designs are timeless, independent-minded and fun. They prefer not to slavishly follow fashion trends; instead we cherish the opportunity to make something beautiful, meaningful and lasting that you can wear for years.

Using the best fabrics from the best factories to produce clothes with designer quality and detailing. And they do everything they can to make sure that their materials and products are sourced responsibly.

New stock is delivered weekly, allowing the ranges to evolve constantly, so that your shopping experience is always fresh and visually exciting.