As both artist and furniture maker, John Makepeace has as his constant aim to design more lucid concepts for his clients; freer, lighter, stronger and more sculptural forms better suited to their function. His passion is to create individual masterpieces that express the best of what is possible at a particular moment in the history of furniture.

His works have been commissioned by some of the world’s most distinguished corporate and private collections: The Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge; Museum fur Kunsthandwerk, Frankfurt; The Art Institute, Chicago; the Lewes Collection, Richmond, Virginia; Grosvenor Estates, London; Banque du Luxembourg; Chatsworth House, Derbyshire and Crab Tree Farm, Illinois.

From his practical knowledge of art, design, fine craftsmanship, materials and technology, John Makepeace is able to create objects of extraordinary beauty; his specialities are tables, chairs and cabinets. For example, with the growing appreciation of fine foods and wines, clients ask him to design and make their dining tables and chairs where they can indulge their guests with an inspirational and rewarding experience.

The intensive nature of the work means that he is only able to take on a small number of commissions in any one-year. He likes to liaise directly with the client in order to understand their personal requirements and aspirations, and to gather information about the character of the setting. This becomes the basis for the design stage leading to the presentation of the uniquely individual proposals. From initial discussion to the installation is likely to take in the order of twelve months, depending on the scale of the project.

A distinctive feature of the Makepeace approach to design is his focus on volume rather than surface. He thinks in the round, so that instead of industry’s two-dimensional methods, he uses innovative technologies in design and making to create flowing three-dimensional forms so much more effective in ensuring both comfort and sculptural integrity.

Those familiar with the pleasure, and indeed the adventure of patronage will be aware of the thrill of working with a creative individual, and then owning a new landmark in the history of design.

Main video kindly supplied by Robert Golden Pictures