At 230 years of age, and the oldest manufacturing factory in continuous operation, John Smedley exhibits a high degree of sustainability. We wish to secure our future as an independent, family owned, British business on the foundation of sustained profit.

Our heritage, archive and home base at Lea Mills are invaluable to us. They provide us with the motivation to do better. Doing better means not looking backwards, but building on the past, to make sure John Smedley’s garments remain contemporary in every age. We will deliver an aspirational look, founded on our iconic knitwear styles, that appeals to our target consumers. This look will capture the essence of refinement, using our own brand, design and manufacturing skills at its core.

Building on our founder’s ambitions, we can define six core brand values that provide us with inspiration and guidance as we develop the company: British, Quality, Design, Craftsmanship, Colour and Community.