Embrace glamorous decadence and sophisticated idleness in pure silk loungewear and then relax, recline, laze or misbehave…

There is an art to draping yourself luxuriously across the sofa, cocktail in hand. It needs attitude, elegance and self confidence to throw your head back and embrace glamorous decadence and sophisticated idleness.

Longstaff Longstaff’s collection of beautiful silk robes, tunics, camisoles and pyjamas work as a capsule collection for relaxing, lazing and reclining in exactly the way you want. Quirky or classic, what ever your style, decide for yourself how to mix print with plain, long with short or print with print, so that you can tell your own story wherever you are.
…and it doesn’t matter where you are – silk has a coolness and an entrancing lightness over the body that is both relaxing and reviving. It lifts the spirits and enhances the senses. We could all do with a touch of that magic so look upon those moments as an essential luxury.

Longstaff Longstaff is sourced and manufactured in Britain using fresh and original prints, hand painted by founder Sophie Barnard. With an aesthetic that is feminine and elegant, Longstaff Longstaff has an artisan feel and a commitment to British craftsmanship and luxury finishes.

As a child, Sophie loved the dressing up box at her childhood home. It was full of bear skin hats, sarafans and a beautiful kokoshnik, a traditional Russian head-dress, all brought over to England in 1905 by Natalia, her great-grandmother. Sophie’s Russian lineage led to a passion for bold, highly decorative patterns and vibrant colours.

Longstaff Longstaff is so called after the British side of Sophie’s family. Her paternal grandmother was one of seven sisters who each had the middle name, as well as the surname, Longstaff. This British eccentricity has always struck a chord with Sophie, who was captivated and inspired by the stories of elegant parties, wild adventures and handsome suitors.