meli melo, Luxury Handbag Brand founded in 2005 by Creative Director, Melissa Del Bono. A premium brand with the vision to create timeless, luxury handbags that women could carry every day.

Founder and Creative Director, Melissa Del Bono, began her inspirational journey in Lipari, a small volcanic island, off the Sicilian coast, where she grew up. An island girl at heart, it was the beautiful wicker basket she carried as a child that influenced the first meli melo tote. Melissa admired local women carrying wonderful woven baskets around and wished for something as special to tote on her arm. Once Melissa received a basket of her own, she would find any excuse to take it out with her.

Melissa has so many wonderful memories of Sicily and it’s often the muse of her designs, together with the city surroundings of London, which inspire her every day. London’s bustling ambience has enhanced the diverse nature of Melissa’s collections; she designs each handbag to suit the way contemporary women live their lives. There is something in the way women dash from one appointment to another and seek out quieter, undiscovered sanctuaries for tranquility that inspires Melissa. Regardless of their destination, whether urban or coastal, they hold an enduring confidence and unique sense of style, and Melissa endeavors to convey these same qualities through her designs. Merging traditional Italian craftsmanship with a sense of London cool, every accessory she creates exudes understated elegance and rediscovers the rich blend of her English and Italian heritage.