“The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder”
– Alfred Hitchcock

One Line Productions make short high-end promotional films for boutique brands, hotels, restaurants, hedge funds, galleries and any business that needs to be brought to life on film for marketing online, fund raising and events.

Each of our films is tailored around our clients needs. Our aim is to make your business look the best we can by using only the highest standards of script writing, creative filming, editing, voice-over and soundtrack.

The Process

1. The idea: An initial meeting to discuss ideas for the style and content of the film. We work very closely with the client at this stage to come up with an original idea, which shows the brand in its best light. After this meeting a script is written by us and then approved by the client.

2. The shoot: A 2-minute film should take less than a day to shoot. Our crew consists of a camera/sound man and a director, and our aim is to make it as relaxed, fun and creative as possible.

3. The edit: A first cut is shown to the client. Again, we work closely with the client to tweak any changes before we edit the final cut. The client has 2 reviews of the edits before we sign off on the film.

4. The release: Not only will you have the film delivered to your site, with a custom designed player or even a whole new video-based website, your film will also then be posted on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a choice of other distribution channels, making sure your film gets out to the wider world.