Developed by world renowned Harley Street Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, 111SKIN is a potent combination of surgical expertise, innovative formulations, and a deep understanding of skin’s 3D reparative process. Originally created to help his patients’ skin heal after surgery, the brand focuses on pioneering solutions, ground-breaking formulas, and cosmetic manufacturing processes to truly transform skin. Believing in prevention - not intervention – each specially created product is inspired by Dr. Yannis’ 20 years of medical observations and extensive knowledge in order to rival in-clinic treatments.

111SKIN currently offer six collections: Reparative, Regenerative, Treatment, Prescriptive, Intensive, and new to 2018 – Clarity. Each meticulously designed range targets and treats customers according to their age, skin type, and/or complexion issues. The hero product is the original Y Theorem Repair Serum that utilises Dr Yannis’ specially-created NAC Y2 formula. He created this formula with space scientists after pursuing his interest in advanced healing in space when he discovered a sponge soaked in NAC – an ultra-restorative complex of antioxidants – that would accelerate skin repair. From here NAC Y2 was born and this became the beginning of 111SKIN.

Innovation plays a fundamental part in the 111SKIN ethos - delivering the cutting-edge application methods and sought-after ingredients to their consumers, from first-to-market treatment masks to cryotherapy inspired skin care, it endeavours to offer the latest, pioneering skin care in the international skin care market all while keeping its Harley Street heritage at the core.

Its debut launch was in world-famous Harrods; growing to a now global brand, 111SKIN can be found in most luxurious department stores, from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. Meanwhile its new spa concept, SPA/CLINIC, is available in the iconic Four Seasons Beverly Wiltshire and Ritz Carlton Hong Kong, bringing clinically-inspired non-invasive facial and body treatments using 111SKIN professional products to the world’s most opulent spas; the experience is completely unique and unrivalled. It has built an impressive profile of A-List and Make-up Artist devotees, including Margot Robbie, Priyanka Chopra, and Victoria’s Secret Models who reach for their products for pre-catwalk complexion resplendence.