Mark Bothwell says he’s often asked how he went from photographing motorsport to shooting luxury weddings. But actually, he says, the transition makes perfect sense.

“A wedding day is in many ways, exactly like a Grand Prix,” he says. “Everything happens very very fast. You often have only seconds and one chance to capture important moments. Lots of people think wedding photography is straightforward, but to do it well is actually one of the most tricky things and is certainly not for the faint-hearted.”

Mark, 47, started working as a photographer covering motorsport when he was just 21 and has since developed a reputation for producing classic, striking work. “Motorsport was a fantastic training ground, but I was more excited by a monochrome image of engineers relaxing in the pit garage, than capturing cars racing around in circles.” he says.  

More than two decades on, Mark’s relaxed reportage style, immaculate corporate portraiture and stunning architecture photography remains in high demand by leading magazines, publishers, PR agencies, major corporations and private clients who, as he puts it, “want great, discreet coverage with no fuss and no ego.”

London Lover
Although he spent several years working around the globe, Mark admits to being happiest at home. “For me, London is simply the best city in the world,” he says. “It’s so modern and vibrant, but has such a rich heritage.” A history lover, he says “it’s a privilege” to photograph London’s great historic spaces, its epic cathedrals and ancient churches, iconic restaurants and hotels, from St Paul’s Cathedral to Royal Hospital, Chelsea, Claridge’s to The Ivy, Kew Gardens to The Renaissance Hotel, St Pancras and the iconic The National Gallery. “I always think, my goodness, if these walls could talk! There’s a soulfulness about these places and I always try and capture the spirit of the space as well as the people currently inhabiting it.”

Grand Spaces
His love of architecture led Mark to launch a new “Spaces” service in 2018. Designed to showcase venues, locations and businesses at their very best, because, he says, “it’s not enough to rush some wide shots during an open evening and the best venues know this. I love the precision and consideration necessary to correctly capture a space, and high-end images have never been so valuable in the age of ‘grab and go’ mobile media, so it’s such a pleasure to make client’s locations look irresistible to current and future customers.”