Founding husband and wife team, David and Julia wanted to explore new ways of creating a synergy between botany, artistry and adventure. Now with the establishment of Keyneston Mill Botanical Estate, they have brought their creative vision to life, and are ready to present the largest aromatic gardens in the UK, all in the name of fine perfumery.

Parterre reinvents perfumery by taking it back to its roots. A striking concept that results in genuinely rare, limited edition fragrances with a distinctive intensity. Niche, sensual and highly contemporary, originating from a unique, aromatic estate. In these art-inspired gardens, unusual and exotic species are grown. Thousands of varieties, cultivated by the skilled botanical team - all exclusively for inclusion in Parterre perfumes. The visual arts and gardens blend with craftsmanship and perfumery. The gardens draw inspiration from Renaissance Italy, Piet Oudolf and Kandinsky. The Parterre team has a wealth of experience from Chanel to the RHS.

In collaboration with leading perfumer, Jacques Chabert, the result is outstanding, beautifully crafted fragrances. Parterre is a company founded on the spirit of adventure and a thirst for botanical knowledge. A creative combination of exploration, experimentation and fun. Think harmony and discord, favourites and unknowns, clashes of culture that result in fragrances of rare beauty and charm. From Seed to Bottle, each fragrance is the result of botanical expeditions, creative botany and artistic inspiration.