Born out of a love for the mountains,in the snow lover’s spiritual home ofChamonix, the Perfect Momentjourney started over 30 years ago when renowned filmmaker ThierryDonard brought some of the bestfree riders on snow and the oceanstogether, to create the ‘Nuit de laGlisse’ film series.

Through a shared desire forfreedom, performance and friendship, a clothing line named Perfect Momentwas born, to provide these athleteswith apparel in which they felt mostconfident, comfortable and ultimatelylooked their very best. This leads toour belief that “everyone has theirPerfect Moment” whether it be onthe extreme mountains of Chamonixor the big waves of Hawaii. Theirdesires to share these core valuesled Perfect Moment to expand and allow others to be touched by its spirit of adventure.

Now under the direction of Max Gottschalk, former Swiss national skier and entrepreneur, and his wife Jane Gottschalk as Creative Director, Perfect Moment’s dedicated team ofdesigners have created a product linethat fits seamlessly into the luxuryend of the Winter and Outerwearmarket, designing for those that wantto keep some of the magic of the pastwith the ability to lead in style on andoff the slopes.

Perfect Moment continuously pushes to innovate, improve and evolve all aspects of product design,assuring performance to the levelsconsumers expect and demand. Allproducts are thoroughly tested by ourteam of sponsored skiers and snowboarders; their uniqueexperience and demands in termsof quality, functionality and style area valuable resource when it comesto improving and developing our products.
Perfect Moment is a unique brand with a mission to bring fashion to the functional, in the world of performance technical apparel.