Perucchetti has invaluable historical knowledge of an ancient technique in the traditional application of Marmorino, Venetian Polished Plaster. Perucchetti introduced these finishes to the UK in 1970 and have access to the Biblitech archives in Venice for reference, though they have updated and customised the process for modern decorative and architectural use of the Stucco to complement both contemporary and traditional design and utilisation of the Marmorino. Perucchetti maintain a unique position in the market due to the knowledge they have of this precious material and the results they achieve worldwide. Over 40 years Perucchetti have completed many prestigious projects which have become renowned and iconic.

Marmorino is a superior wall finish, which is derived from the Byzantine/Renaissance period perfected by the Venetians who were renowned for opulence and who created refinement in these applications.

The Venetian Stucco, which is virtually maintenance-free, can also be used in swimming pool areas and external walls due to the product’s durability, versatility and stability of colour. The materials and techniques Perucchetti use are trade secrets and are of the highest quality available on the market and they include unique combinations of hydrated lime powder, marble dust, matured cured grassello, resin, pigments, minerals, soaps, mica crystals, liquid precious metals and natural beeswax.

Perucchetti can achieve an infinite range of colours and textures and copy natural marbles and stones. Their speciality lies in the interpretation of colours, ranging from solid opaque tones to translucents which have a multi-dimensional depth and lustre. They can incorporate many decorative details into the plaster to imitate embossed leathers, or raised chiselled stencils to match fabric patterns or company logos.

Perucchetti specialises in prestigious projects worldwide, both residential and commercial. They provide a custom-made service for all projects creating individually made finishes, which will enhance any design project and all the elements involved. Within their working studio Perucchetti have many examples of the finishes they achieve.

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